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Sixth Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Accept assignment for story in final newspaper
Critique fifth newspaper

Monday- Today, we need to plan for our last paper of the year. Accept an assignment and make a note in the shared drive document We also need to plan for our photo polls in the last paper. We will ask one question of freshmen, sophomores and juniors, and we will ask another question just for the seniors. Please suggest something for each of these, and feel free to review senior questions from years past.

Wednesday- Work on your stories, photos and other content today in class. Thanks.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. Also, make sure you're making progress on your story and take care to assure there will be a photo to go with it, if possible.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 2 objectives
Interview, research and plan for story in final newspaper
Submit notes and drafts

Monday- Today, you need to make every effort to get some notes together today. By the end of the class period, you should have your notes submitted.

Wednesday- Today is the deadline for the rough drafts of your stories. Be sure to have something finished and submitted before you leave the room today.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. Also, make sure you have your story up to date enough that you can submit it for review by your peers on Monday of next week. Ask for help if you need it!

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 3 objectives
Complete your stories and the peer editing process

Monday- Today, I need you to all participate in the peer editing process. Looking at your stories in the Team Drive, please take a look at the story directly before and the one right after yours. Make notes and share ideas to make these stories the best ones you can. Make sure you write your name at the bottom of each story you edit. I need that for grading purposes.

Wednesday- Make corrections to your stories during class today based on the comments and suggestions of your peers. We need final versions of each story ready for budgeting on Friday and design beginning on Monday.

Friday- Turn in a news tip today. We also need the final version of all stories submitted today, in addition to the photos to accompany those stories. Page budgeting will take place during class. We will begin designing the pages on Monday.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 4 objectives
Design pages and make editing notes

Monday- The whole campus will be in testing mode today, so I will see you on Wednesday. If you're taking a test, good luck!

Wednesday- We need to design pages today in class. We have less time than usual, and specifically, plenty of you will be taking AP tests during some of these days. Best of luck to all of you who are testing, and for everyone who is working on pages this week, let's get this done.

Friday- We have to make edits and notes on pages today. I will have final copies for you on Monday, and we will go to press Monday night. We will stop doing news tips, now, since there are no more papers to put out after this one.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 5 objectives
Make final edits
Distribute last newspaper

Monday- Today, we should make our final edits to the last newspaper of the year. Take a red pen out and make notes on at least three pages, please. And let's get this right. We'll go out on top...

Wednesday- We'll take time today to critique our last paper and reflect on our work this year.

Friday- We will distribute the newspaper today during class. Should be fun.

teks: 5fg