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Fourth Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Accept assignment for story in fourth newspaper
Critique third newspaper

Wednesday- Welcome back! Let's talk about our goals for the second semester, look at a calendar to make some plans and get stories assigned today.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. In addition to that, you need notes turned in to the team drive before you leave for the day.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 2 objectives
Schedule interviews and research stories
Determine photo poll question
Make and save story notes
Determine second assignment for issue 4

Monday- Schedule interviews and complete research for first assignment in issue 4. We also need to decide on a photo poll for this issue. Remember as you make a determination about the question that the paper will be distributed on February 22.

Wednesday- Spend today working on your stories, interviewing people or researching your topic. I'd like to see some progress on your stories before you leave today.

Friday- Your notes deadline is Wednesday of next week, and if you need the reminder, Monday is a day off. Make progress. Also, submit a news tip before you leave today.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 3 objectives
Submit story notes
Accept second assignment for issue 4
Complete photo poll

Wednesday- Your notes are due today. Please get them into the shared drive for your grade. Additionally, you need to determine what your second assignment will be.

Friday- Get a news tip in, and make progress on your assignments. The drafts are due on Wednesday of next week.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 4 objectives
Submit story drafts
Accept second assignment for issue 4
Complete photo poll

Monday- Work on your notes and get more detail into your stories today. Your notes need to become a draft by Wednesday.

Wednesday- Your draft is due today. Also, please get some work done on your second assignment.

Friday- Work on making your draft into your story today in class. Also, please submit a news tip. Thanks!

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 5 objectives
Submit all completed content

Monday- Your writing deadline is today at the end of the class period. If your story is not ready yet, please get it there before the bell rings.

Wednesday- Today before lunch, we will participate in peer editing. After lunch, you will look at the notes your peers left and make changes based on that information. We should have the final copies of everything finished and ready to place on pages next time.

Friday- Before you submit a news tip, let's budget pages and start designing them.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 6 objectives
Submit all completed content

Monday- Today, you all need to get to work putting pages together. We are in a bit of a strange situation, as we have plenty of actual time between now and publication day, but not that many class days. Get the InDesign files back to me before you leave here today, as your last chance to see them prior to publication will be Wednesday.

Wednesday- Take a look at the draft pages. You will need to verify spellings of names, get headlines written and make sure the photos all have proper cutlines. Additionally, you need to get me a news tip. Thank you!

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 7 objectives
Accept issue 5 assignment
Critique issue 4
Distribute issue 4

Wednesday- Today, we will take a look at the digital copy of the newspaper and set some goals for issue 5 based on what we see in issue 4. In addition to that, there is a school-wide effort to collect a writing sample from a large number of students this week. In service of that goal, I want each of you to answer a question using your own words on this page. Please do not use Google translate or another language translation service, as it is more important to assess your ability without assistance.

Friday- Today we need to distribute the newspaper to all of the classrooms on campus. Additionally, please submit a news tip.

teks: 4adefghi