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Third Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
With story assignments made, work on notes for stories

Monday- Please work on your stories during class today. You will be graded today over your acceptance of an assignment. In this issue, I will also give you a grade on a photo or other piece of art you contribute. We will brainstorm today how we plan to accomplish that task.

Wednesday- Work on your notes today in class. Get interviews done, talk to people and take photos. Lots and lots of photos. Your notes deadline is a week from today. Finally, let's brainstorm a photo poll here.

Friday- Today, we can knock out the Photo poll. As ever, please continue working on your story research and your interviews. Thank you.

Also, please go to the Dallas Morning News and log in. Read the newspaper.

Username: Dunlap
Password: 75244

Week 2 objectives
Submit story notes for deadline
Accept photo or art assignment

Monday- Everyone will be expected to make two contributions to the newspaper this time around. Please decide what your second contribution will be- A story? A photo? What will it be?

Wednesday- Your notes are due today. Remember, you must have some quotes in your notes for full credit. If you haven't interviewed anyone, you have clearly wasted a ton of time. Get to it. Thanks.

Here is a link to the remind service you asked about. Maybe it can help us stay in touch about things like deadlines, assignments, photos and other important items. `

Week 3 objectives
Submit draft content for story assignments
Participate in peer editing process
Submit final copy

Monday- Today, the drafts of your stories are due. Please have everything submitted to the shared folder prior to leaving the classroom today. Remember, this draft NEEDS to have some quotes in it, or it flat out won't count. Get on it. You have time during class.

Wednesday- Let's spend today doing peer editing. Up until noon, you will make notes on at least three stories written by your peers. At that point, after I have seen notes, you can respond to their suggestions, comments and edits. When you leave here today, you should be as close to done as possible (at least, before my notes)

Friday- Your final copy is due today. Get it turned in, and have a great Thanksgiving break. Also, please remember that this is the day we will take our yearbook photo. Hooray!

Week 4 objectives
Make editing changes to stories
Budget pages
Design pages

Monday- Today, please make editing changes to your stories based on your notes. After that, we will budget pages and start designing those pages.

Wednesday- Today, you should be working on headlines and cutlines. We will get paper copies in front of each other on Monday.

Week 5 objectives
Make editing changes to pages
Write headlines
Write cutlines

Monday- This is the day that the paper goes to the printer. Take a look at every page in the document and get it all correct. We need headlines and cutlines. Write some.

Wednesday- You will be in a different classroom with a different teacher today. I am proctoring some EOC testing in my classroom. I will get you an assignment on paper to complete.

Week 6

Complete your final exam here.