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Third Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Accept assignment for story in third newspaper
Critique second newspaper
Practice lead sentence writing

Monday- During class today, please make sure you have a story assigned to you for the third newspaper. I also want to talk about lead sentences. Let's take a look at some actual leads in the Dallas Morning News. You can have access by entering my last name: Dunlap and the password (the school's zip code): 75244

Wednesday- Today, I want to start out by talking about lead sentences. This page is a good place to begin, and there are several activities for you to complete. I'd like us to give this one a try today. Please enter your response here before lunch to receive a grade for your lead sentence. I will show all of them to the class and we will critique them as a group after lunch.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. Also, make sure you're making progress on your story and take care to assure there will be a photo to go with it, if possible.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 2 objectives
Meet deadline for story notes
Meet deadline for draft
Practice writing headlines and lead sentences

Monday- Please work on your stories. I checked in with each of you last week, and it sounds like you're all on the right track to get your stories in on time. Make sure you think about art. Can you take a photo to go with your story? Also, since we worked on lead sentences and talked about headlines last time in class, I wanted to see if you could all do an assignment. Take a look at a set of facts. You will use those facts to write both a headline and a lead sentence. Please enter your information here.

Wednesday- Your notes are due today. If you have more than notes, that's great. If you have thoughts and questions, make sure to have them in the shared folder before class ends. To be clear, this is for a grade.

Friday- Your first draft is due today. If it looks exactly like your notes from Wednesday, you will not receive credit for this assignment. Make sure you have some basic pieces of the story in place. Also, turn in a news tip before you leave.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 3 objectives
Make updates to draft stories
Peer edit stories
Make corrections to stories

Monday- I took a look at your stories Sunday night, and under half of you had what you needed to submit by the deadline. Most of you were missing some big pieces, and some of you still had not changed a thing from your notes submission. Please- today- get your stories straightened out. Put in quotes. Interview people. Do not interview people on newspaper staff. Interview people who are not in this room right now. Talk to the members of a group or team, if that's what your story is about. Talk to the people who run the organization or club, if that's what your story is about. Try to get quotes from at least two people.

If you got a 0 on the deadline grade, you either need to write the story from your notes or you need to use your own words. We are legally not allowed to use someone else's words. That is plagiarism, and we could be legally liable. If you got a 75, that means you're on the right track, but nowhere close to where you should be after two weeks of work. Fix it. If you got a 100, double check your work and see if you can get another interview in there. Get more voices to tell the stories, and you will have better stories. It should follow that the best stories go on the front page.

Wednesday- Today, you need to participate in peer editing. Find your own story in the team drive. Locate the story alphabetically just before it and the one just after it. Make suggestions on those two stories. Make notes. Use editing mode. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Do your best and pretend you are the last person to see this text before it goes to the printer. What's missing? How can we fix it.

For your grade today, make sure you write your name at the very bottom of the story you're editing. If you do not write your name on the bottom of two stories, you will not get a 100. Don't miss an important grade.

Friday- Make any corrections to your stories that are necessary today during class. We need to design our pages and get ready for the printer next week. Also, make sure you turn in a news tip.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 4 objectives
Make final corrections to story
Budget pages
Design pages, write headlines/cutlines
Edit pages

Monday- We'll be out of our regular classroom today so our classroom can be used for testing. What I need today is twofold. I need all of you to make any necessary corrections to your stories before we leave here today, and we need to have the pages budgeted before we leave.

Wednesday- Today, you will work with a partner and design a page. Put the photos, the stories and the headlines in place before you leave the room today. Before you go, put the file back into the team drive folder.

Friday- Take a red pen and make some good notes for me today. I will take what you write home with me over the weekend and make changes based on your suggestions and corrections. Also, make sure you have a news tip turned in prior to your departure today.

teks: 5e, 6abc

Week 5 objectives
Make final corrections to pages
Review newspaper
Distribute newspaper

Monday- Today, we should have the final drafts of our newspaper pages ready to review. Please make notes on at least three pages before the end of the class period today.

Wednesday- We will take a look at a PDF version of the newspaper today during class and critique what worked and what didn't halfway through the year. With that in mind, we can talk about goal setting for the second semester.

Friday- Today, we need to deliver the newspaper to every classroom on campus. Wear your Hoofbeat shirt and some comfortable walking shoes.

teks: 5e, 6abc