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Third Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Accept assignment for story in third newspaper
Critique second newspaper
Practice headline writing

Monday- During class today, please make sure you have a story assigned to you for the second newspaper. I also want to talk about news writing style. Take a look at some of the stories in the Dallas Morning News. You can have access by entering my last name: Dunlap and the password (the school's zip code): 75244

Wednesday- Get your interviews scheduled and notes made. Your first deadline is Friday. You'll need notes submitted by the end of class Friday. Also, let's decide on a photo poll for our pre-holiday issue.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. In addition to that, you need notes turned in to the team drive before you leave for the day.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 2 objectives
Complete draft of story

Monday- Everyone has a story assigned for the second newspaper by this time. Your notes were due Friday, and you should be working on your stories by now. I also want to remind each of you that you have two items to complete for this paper, so be sure you have plans to write a story and take a photo. Barring that, you can write two stories. If you can't manage that, we will discuss alternatives.

Wednesday- Get your interviews done and your drafts put together. Your draft deadline is Friday.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. In addition to that, you need your draft turned in to the team drive before you leave for the Thanksgiving break.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 3 objectives
Complete story

Monday- Hopefully, everyone has a draft copy of the assigned story turned in. You should spend some time today reading two other stories and making suggestions. Please remember to switch from editing mode to suggesting mode so you can make suggestions without changing the story. Also, for credit on this assignment, please write your name at the bottom of the story. Make sure you have an idea about the second thing you plan to contribute to this issue of the paper. If you don't have anything planned, perhaps you can be on the team that does the photo poll.

Wednesday- Take a look at the editing notes everyone has made and fix your stories.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. In addition to that, you need the final version of your story turned in to the team drive today.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 4 objectives
Make final corrections to story
Design pages
Write headlines and cutlines

Monday- It is nearly certain that we will be out of our regular classroom during today's class. Nevertheless, we will need to make any and all final corrections to our stories in class today. I also want to make sure that you have all either made two contributions to this issue of the paper or have plans to do so in the next day or two.

Wednesday- We should have some page design work to accomplish in class today. Get to it. I have no idea where we will be, but I do know that we had to move a lot of things up due to the unexpected absence of our second period class on the first Friday of final exams. The schedule on that day means we have to publish and distribute on Wednesday the 12th. We need to be near the finish line before we leave today.

Friday- Final touches today, folks. We have to make sure we're press-ready, as this thing goes off to the printer over the weekend. Also, as ever, get me a news tip. Of course.

teks: 4adefghi

Week 5 objectives
Critique issue 3
Distribute issue 3

Monday- The paper is in the process of being printed, so today, I want us to take a look at the PDF version. I will put it in the shared drive so we can all look at it together. I want specifically to talk about our photos and our new practice of each person making two contributions to each paper.

Wednesday- We have papers to distribute today. We will hand out papers during the beginning of class and discuss our next steps during class today.


Final exam schedule

Friday, December 14 Monday, December 17 Tuesday, December 18 Wednesday, December 19 From December 20 until January 7
9:05-11:10 5th period exam 9:05-11:20 1st period exam 9:05-11:20 6th period exam 9:05-11:20 2nd period exam Enjoy your break. The second semester begins on Tuesday, January 8th.
11:15-1:10 6th period class
1:15-3:15 7th period exam 11:20-1:45 3rd period exam 11:20-1:45 8th period exam 11:20-1:45 4th period exam
3:20-4:20 8th period class

Your final exam is here.