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Second Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Accept assignment for story in second newspaper
Critique first newspaper
Practice headline writing

Monday- During class today, please make sure you have a story assigned to you for the second newspaper. I also want to talk about headlines. Let's take a look at some actual headlines in the Dallas Morning News. You can have access by entering my last name: Dunlap and the password (the school's zip code): 75244

Also, I want to order our T Shirts. Let me know what you want here.

Wednesday- We've had a bit of conversation about how to write headlines and we have seen some examples. Today, let's try a little practice.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. Also, we need to select a photo poll for the next paper.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 2 objectives
Complete draft of story

Monday- Okay, students, we have a bit of a time crunch this week. We have a testing day on Wednesday and a teacher professional development day on Friday. We have a draft deadline on Wednesday, but you will not be in the classroom at that time. If you don't have Internet access at home or in your daily life Please take advantage of my availability before and after school and use the school library to get your work submitted on tie, as the deadline will not change, Your draft is due by the end of the day on Wednesday,

Make sure you submit a news tip, as well.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 3 objectives
Complete final version of story
Peer edit at least two stories

Monday- I will have some notes on your stories today when you arrive in class. Please read those notes and make changes as needed. Your final version of this issue's story is due Wednesday at the end of A lunch. We're in a time crunch for a few reasons- this grading period seems shorter than usual because it is. It's only five weeks long. We have missed two days together already due to testing and just the way the school calendar worked out. Unfortunately, none of that changes our need to get the paper out on time. Please buckle down this time, and I promise this will be a whole lot easier in the spring. We also need to decide about our photo poll and make a final determination before placing our T shirt order.

Wednesday- Get any last minute changes made to your final story copy before we leave for lunch. When we return, you will make editing suggestions to two stories written by your peers. Remember, you will find your story in the shared drive and make edits to the ones that appear before and after your story. That way, every story has at least two people looking at in addition to the author. Remember- and this is VERY important- write your NAME at the bottom of the page when you are making notes, that way I know which of you completed that assignment today. I'm also going to need this week's news tip as usual, so try to do it today before you leave the classroom.

teks: 1de, 4c

Week 4 objectives
Make final story edits
Budget pages
Design pages

Monday- Today, I need you all to look over the notes your classmates and I made on your stories and make corrections to them. Before the class period is over, we will also budget the pages out and make plans about design.

Wednesday- Work on your pages during class today. We will start to design the pages in class today and get as much done as possible before we leave the classroom.

Friday- Today, you need to take a look at the pages we have so far and make suggestions about headlines and cutlines. We'll have final drafts up Monday for review prior to sending them to the printer. Make sure you submit a news tip before you leave the classroom today!

teks: 4adefghi

Week 5 objectives
Make final page edits
Distribute newspaper
Accept story assignment for issue 3
Critique issue 2

Week 5 vocabulary

Interview Deadline Comments Edit
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Monday- Today, you will have time in class to look at the pages we have so far. They will be sent to the printer this evening, so make any final notes before you leave the classroom today. You will need to review at least three pages of the paper, but please read more if you have the time.

Wednesday- I will have a PDF copy of the paper for us to review in class while we wait for the tangible ones to return. We should discuss what we did well and what we could improve in the second newspaper. You should also be coming up with the next story you want to write.

Friday- Today, we hand out 2,300 copies of The Hoofbeat to students on our campus. This is my favorite day of the six weeks. Also, be sure to submit a news tip, as it is a Friday, and you always submit a news tip on Friday.

teks: 4adefghi