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Second Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Accept assignment for story in second newspaper
Critique first newspaper
Practice headline writing

Monday- During class today, please make sure you have a story assigned to you for the second newspaper. I also want to talk about headlines. Let's take a look at some actual headlines in the Dallas Morning News. You can have access by entering my last name: Dunlap and the password (the school's zip code): 75244

Wednesday- We've had a bit of conversation about how to write headlines and we have seen some examples. Today, let's try a little practice.

Friday- Make sure you turn in a news tip today. Also, we need to select a photo poll for the next paper.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 2 objectives
Review headline writing practice
Submit notes and draft of first story

Monday- Please submit your story notes today in class. This is your first deadline for the second paper this year. We will also take a look at the practice headlines from last week and see what we can do better. You may want to take advantage of the opportunity to turn in a news tip during class today, as I believe this may be the only time in this week when our class actually meets.

Wednesday- We probably won't have an opportunity to meet today, as the school will be in full testing mode during test time today. Please do your best to meet your deadline today. I want the first draft of your story in as soon as possible.

Friday- There will be no school for you today. Have a great weekend!

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 3 objectives
Meet final writing deadline
Participate in peer editing
Respond to notes and editing suggestions

Monday- Your deadline for your story was Wednesday of last week. If you did not have the opportunity to turn in your work at that time due to testing, make sure you get that done in the first ten minutes of class today. After that, we will all do a little reading and editing of each other's work. Take a look at the story just before yours and the one just after yours in the shared folder. Make sure you write your own name at the very end of the document after you make notes and suggestions. I will give each of you a grade for peer editing, and I have no other way of tracking your participation.

Hopefully, we can make notes before lunch and start to make the necessary edits after lunch. I want to have final drafts in on Wednesday so we can make last changes and budget pages.

Wednesday- Today is your final deadline for your stories. Get everything perfect and make sure to submit any photos you have. Get a news tip turned in, as well.

Friday- Enjoy your fair day.

teks: 1e, 4eg, 5d

Week 4 objectives
Budget pages
Design pages
Write headlines and cutlines

Monday- We need to budget out our pages today. To do that, we need to make an honest assessment of our stories and their readiness for print. We also need to do our peer editing today during class, as we have not had the opportunity to do that yet.

Wednesday- Get to some page design today during class. Put your drafts back in the shared folder before you leave, please.

Friday- I will have printed draft pages for you today. Get a red pen out and make notes. Also, I need your news tip, if you haven't written one yet.

teks: 1abe, 3a, 4defghi, 5b

Week 5 objectives
Complete one final edit of pages
Accept next story assignment
Distribute newspapers

Monday- Today, I will have the last draft of our pages ready for you to review. Please make notes. If a headline is missing, don't tell me it's missing; make a suggestion about what it should say. Same goes for the photo cutlines. Write in the names of the photographers. Write in everything that's missing. Please.

Wednesday- Today, we need to begin planning for the third paper. It will come out just before semester exams, so figure that into your planning. If you have some great halloween story idea in your head, you may need to reconsider. This paper comes out in mid-December.

Friday- We will distribute the paper today. Get your Hoofbeat T Shirts on and get going. We have to walk into every second period class in the building. Get a news tip turned in, as well.

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