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First Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Learn and understand Hoofbeat procedures
Brainstorm and establish news beats
Begin submitting news tips weekly
Begin completing weekly current events quiz
Start creating the Style sheet for this year's paper 

Monday- Welcome back to school! Each year, The Hoofbeat has put out six papers. Last year, we started with an eight page paper and finished the year with a sixteen page one. We will see what we're capable of soon enough and make some determinations as a group, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We should start out with some information.

  • Everyone will submit a news tip every week. Take a look at this page and see if you have the ability to submit a tip. The weekly completion of this task will result in a daily grade. It's important that we have a process like this so nothing newsworthy falls through the cracks.
  • All newspapers should use a stylebook or a style sheet. We will discuss some standing policies established by last year's Hoofbeat staff and begin developing our own style sheet as a group in class.

After that, we will start a crash course in the content of a newspaper. There are several different types of stories in a newspaper. News should be written using the model of the inverted pyramidfeatures are approached differently, and editorials are something else entirely. We also need to talk about how to conduct an interview. While there is a good amount of planning, research and writing that you should do before you go out and interview a person, you will also need some guidance on what to do when you get there. I found a very helpful resource that features some good advice for how to conduct an interview. Additionally, you need to be able to take very good and very rapid notes. You can record an interview if you ask permission, but technology may not always work, and notes are easier to access and navigate when you are writing your story.

If we have time, I also want to start a conversation about news values. There are seven things used to determine the newsworthiness of a story, and you should know what they are.

Finally, I need to know your email addresses so we can share some resources. Please give me your email address here, and tell me what kind of role you want to play on this year's newspaper staff.

Wednesday- Today, I want to start out by talking about lead sentences. This page is a good place to begin, and there are several activities for you to complete. I also wanted to show you where you can read the Dallas Morning News for free. When it asks you for the account name, type hinds; when it asks for the password, type the zip code of the school 75244. This is a good resource for you to use when you want to keep up with current events and see how news is covered locally.

After that, we will start making preliminary assignments based on the news tips we generated at the beginning of this week. Given these assignments, we will work on writing interview questions and scheduling interviews. We will also set deadlines for our first stories. Based on the timing of the interviews and events, the deadlines may vary, but for material that is not time sensitive, I hope to see your draft material submitted by Wednesday of next week.

Friday- Today, I want to get everyone into a Google folder that we will use for the newspaper this year. We will use Google Drive to submit material for deadline and participate in peer editing. I'll get you all to log in and grant you access to the folder so we can get started.

This is something you can determine- I want to get your input for our Photo Poll feature. What should we ask in the first newspaper?

Finally today, I want everyone to try writing a lead. We'll read a bit of information together and talk about what should come first in a standard news lead, then you will write one based on a story I will tell you. Write your lead here, and we will discuss them as a class. Remember, you should attempt to write a sentence with all the facts:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

teks: 2ab, 3adeh

Week 2 objectives
Submit notes by deadline
Submit draft of story by deadline

Wednesday- I have done two things to help us get organized this weekend. I put all of you into the team drive Ryan put together for our newspaper, and today I will show you how to add things to the folder and edit them once they are in there. You should add your notes to this shared drive before you leave here today. Make sure it's in the right space, as this will be your first deadline all year. The other thing I accomplished this weekend was an update to the Google Calendar for us. All of our deadlines are in there, and I will add more events as we go.

Friday- Today before we leave, I need to get your rough drafts in the shared folder. That will be your second deadline grade for the first issue. Make sure you turn in a news tip, as well. We do one every week!

teks: 1i, 3b, 4a, 5aef

Week 3 objectives
Correct and edit stories
Submit work for final writing deadline

Monday- Take a look today at some of the notes I made on your stories. I have suggestions for you, and if you work on it, your story will be ready for the newspaper. Make your corrections, but more importantly, go out during lunches today and talk to some people. Most of you could use more quotes. Every story should have quotes in it. If there isn't another voice in your story, two things happen: first, you don't have anyone to verify what you're saying, and second, it's not very interesting.

Wednesday- Before lunch, I would love it if we all read and made notes on two other stories. After lunch, I want you to take a look at the notes. Here's how it works: Google drive alphabetizes stories by their titles. Let's say there are four stories in the drive (I know there are more like 20, but let's say there are four for the example) They're called block schedule, dance explosion, homecoming and rotc. If you wrote the homecoming story, the one before yours would be about dance explosion. The one after yours would be about rotc. Read the one before yours and the one after it and make suggestions. The more people who read something before we print, the better. If you happen to have the first or last story, (like if you wrote block schedule), choose the one at the other end of the list (you would read rotc and dance explosion) make sense?

After lunch, read the notes and corrections your peers made. See if you can improve your story.

Friday- Today is the deadline for your writing. Get everything as perfect as you can make it, please. Also, make sure you've got as many photos in the drive as possible. Remember, we want your photos. Barring that, we want photos from your peers at school. The very last thing we want is photos that an adult took. Since this is a student newspaper, we should use student writing and student images. Also, please submit a news tip. Several of you are forgetting to do this, and these are daily grades in the gradebook!

teks: 5befg

Week 4 objectives
Make final story corrections
Budget newspaper pages
Design pages with a partner

Monday- Take a look at your stories and determine what last changes need to be made. Get everything as perfect as you can, and we will start working on a functional page budget today in class.

Wednesday- I want to show those of you who are new how we create the pages of this paper. I'll lend a hand this time around, but in the future, you will each play a larger role in the design of our paper. We'll get as close as possible today in class and work on our first headlines and cutlines today, too.

I also want to get the T Shirts ordered for us. I don't know if we can get them in time for the first newspaper delivery, but we will try.

Friday- We need to get as ready as possible before we take off today. On Monday, you will all have the final proofs to look over. That's it. After Monday, the printer gets the paper, and we have nothing to do but wait for time to hand them out. You should still get a news tip in, though. Always do that.

teks: 1abe, 3a, 4defghi, 5b

Week 5 objectives
Make final page edits
Submit content for printing
Accept Issue 2 story assignment
Distribute newspapers

Monday- Today is the last day we can make changes to the pages before they head off to the printer. I will have printed copies for you, and I need you to write your name on the back of every page you edit. Give me suggestions for headlines, cutlines, story edits and other changes you see as necessary. Check the stories for accurate names. Correct things. It's important that we all take part.

Wednesday- We should be able to talk about our next story assignment today. You will have something to write before class is over. Also, I should have the T shirts this evening, so stop by Thursday or get yours right before we distribute papers Friday. You may want to turn in your news tip today so you can save time Friday. Just a suggestion.

Friday- Today, we take a walk around the campus and deliver the newspapers. This is my favorite part of the process. It's totally fun to do, and it looks really cool when we all have the matching T shirts.

teks: 5e, 6abc