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First Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Develop respect agreements
Make predictions about course work
Practice school wide norms

Week 1 vocabulary

Respect Digital media Acceptable use policy Digital citizenship
Copyright law Public domain Fair use  

Monday- Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. You've enrolled in journalism, and it is a full year course. Before we begin, we need to establish a few things. First, we will discuss how we will treat one another and the physical space in this classroom. Other teachers and other classes are doing this, as well, developing what are called respect agreements. If you've never seen one before, take a look at some images on Google. We need to talk about what respect looks like when we show respect for one another and for our classroom. Once we have discussed that, we can decide what our respect agreement will look like. Provide your input here. Once I have responses from everyone in all classes, we'll look at the most frequently used responses.

After that, we will take a look at the class itself, discussing what we will learn and how we will do it. In light of that, it may be best to start with a quick survey about what expectations you have. Once we talk briefly about what this class may entail, we can look at the syllabus. You will take home a link to this information so your parent or guardian can complete the contact form for a grade.

At this point, we need to look at newspapers from previous years and start to develop our plans for this year. What did we do well? What can we do better this year? Is there something we should change?

Wednesday- First, I want to finalize your input for our classroom respect agreement. Vote here for the things you find most important. After that, we need to start out today by getting everything finished up from last time. I also want you to decide what you want to write in the first newspaper. We have to play a lot of this by ear today, as there have been several schedule changes so far, and there will be plenty more soon.

Today, we will start a crash course in the content of a newspaper. There are several different types of stories in a newspaper. News should be written using the model of the inverted pyramid, features are approached differently, and editorials are something else entirely. We also need to talk about how to conduct an interview. While there is a good amount of planning, research and writing that you should do before you go out and interview a person, you will also need some guidance on what to do when you get there. Additionally, you need to be able to take very good and very rapid notes. You can record an interview if you ask permission, but technology may not always work, and notes are easier to access and navigate when you are writing your story.

Finally, I wanted to show you a really interesting resource. We have access to the Dallas Morning News online, as we benefit from the Newspapers in Education program. Log in here. The teacher last name, of course, is Dunlap, and the class password is the school's zip code: 75244.

Friday- Today, I want to put together our assignment sheet, giving a story assignment to each staff member. We will also talk about how to log in to our shared space on Google, and how we will proceed with that. I want some notes on your story submitted to the Google folder by Friday, August 31. More on that as we go along. Also, you need to make sure you've submitted a news tip before this week ends. There is one due every week, and I want to make sure you're all starting out with the best grades possible.

teks: 4a, 5a

Week 2 objectives
Practice lead sentence writing
Accept story assignment
Submit notes on first story

Week 2 vocabulary

News value Inverted pyramid    

Monday- I want to start out today by getting everyone into the shared folder where we will save and edit our writing. Go to Google and open the team drive. I will make sure we are all added to the account before we heave here today. I also want to put our assignment sheet together for you all in that same space.

After we all have stories assigned, I want to move into the next bit of work we need to accomplish. Today, I want to start out by talking about lead sentences. This page is a good place to begin, and there are several activities for you to complete. I'd like us to give this one a try today. Please enter your response here before lunch to receive a grade for your lead sentence. I will show all of them to the class and we will critique them as a group after lunch.

Wednesday- Please work on your stories and make some real progress on notes today. I will ask for another lead sentence today, but this time, we will use a different set of facts. Please give it a shot and put your best attempt at a lead sentence here. I will, once again, take a look at these with you all after lunch. Also, be working on your notes for the stories you have assigned. Also, we need to decide on a photo poll today. We'll start taking the photos and interviewing people next week.

Friday- Okay, folks- today is the day I need some notes from each of you. Turn something in to the Google team drive that demonstrates the progress you've made on your story. This deadline is a project grade, so best of luck.

teks: 1de, 4c

Week 3 objectives
Create content for photo poll
Conduct interviews
Write story rough drafts

Week 3 vocabulary

Interview Deadline    

Wednesday- Several of you have interviews to conduct today, and I know you should get to it. In addition to that, we have our photo poll to conduct. It's ready to go as soon as we are. Make your appointments and get your interviews as soon as you can. We have the day to work on this. I want to talk about the lead sentences you all wrote at some point soon, but if our schedules are too complicated, we can do it next time.

Friday- I need your draft material turned in today. It's your second milestone to hit, and an important deadline. Also, make sure you have a news tip submitted today.

teks: 1de, 4c

Week 4 objectives
Revise rough drafts
Submit final copy

Week 4 vocabulary

Interview Deadline Comments Edit
Stylebook Quotation    

Monday- Over the weekend, I read your stories. Most of you have made good progress, while others still have very little content written. I want to see if you can make some changes and add more quotations from people to round out your stories. Let's see if we can get into some of that before lunch. After lunch, we will begin peer editing. When you go to the team drive, you will see that your story is surrounded in the file list by other stories. I want you to find the story that comes right after yours and read it. I will show you how to add comments and editing suggestions without changing the story permanently. Please make suggestions to one of your peers, and when you finish, write your name at the end of the story. I will explain this in greater detail during class, but you are to read the story that comes directly after yours in the file order. This way, everyone reads and comments on a different story. When you finish, pease scroll to the bottom of the page, start a new paragraph and write your name. Do note delete someone else's name. I will grade you on your efforts both today and Wednesday.

Wednesday- Before lunch today, I want you to take another step in the peer editing process. Last time, you read and made comments on the story that came directly after yours in the file list. Today, I want you to do the same, but take a look at the story that comes directly before yours in the file list. Don't forget to write your name at the end and make sure you don't delete anyone else's name. I need those to give a grade.

After lunch, I want you to respond to the suggestions and editing notes of your peers. Make changes based on their comments so you can have the best story possible.

Friday- Today, you need your final copy submitted. I will have some notes made before you arrive, as well. This is a very important deadline. Next week, we will put pages together and get ready to send our work off to the printer. Also, make sure you have a news tip submitted today.

teks: 1de, 4c

Week 5 objectives
Budget pages
Design pages

Week 5 vocabulary

Interview Deadline Comments Edit
Stylebook Quotation    

Monday- I read your stories over the weekend, and most of you really missed the mark with Friday's deadline. Please get everything ready to go by lunchtime, and we'll get the pages sorted out after lunch. We need to determine what items go on which pages and where everything will be placed before we leave here today. When we get that finished, I want to show you how to place stories on a page and write headlines. We use Times New Roman 11.5 point text for stories. Our opinion pages are in the same font, but italic, just like our photo cutlines. Bylines are in the same font again, but in boldface with small caps for the lowercase letters. Our headlines are in Palatino Linotype, bold, and in various sizes, depending on their newsworthiness and their position on the page.

Wednesday- I want to show you all where we are with the page design at the beginning of class. You will be able to get into the pages using InDesign and make changes. Today, we place things and get the photos correct. We will worry about photo cutlines and story headlines Friday.

Friday- This is the last day we have to look at the pages before Monday's final check. What I need from each of you is that you pick up a page, use a red pen, make edits and suggestions and write your name on the back of the paper. I will be checking to see that you each make notes on at least three pages. I also need a news tip from each of you before you leave.

teks: 4adefghi

Week 6 objectives
Make final page edits
Distribute newspaper
Accept story assignment for issue 2
Critique issue 1

Week 6 vocabulary

Interview Deadline Comments Edit
Stylebook Quotation    

Monday- Today, you will have time in class to look at the pages we have so far. They will be sent to the printer this evening, so make any final notes before you leave the classroom today. You will need to review at least three pages of the paper, but please read more if you have the time.

Wednesday- I will have a PDF copy of the paper for us to review in class while we wait for the tangible ones to return. We should discuss what we did well and what we could improve in the second newspaper. You should also be coming up with the next story you want to write.

Friday- This is my favorite day. Today, we hand out 2,300 copies of The Hoofbeat to students on our campus. Stick together. This is the best day of the six weeks. Also, be sure to submit a news tip, as it is a Friday, and you always submit a news tip on Friday.

teks: 4adefghi