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Sixth Six Weeks

Week 1 objectives
Brainstorm and storyboard ideas for a film project
Begin filming content for project

Week 1 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

Razor tool Rate stretch tool Current time indicator Rough cut
Export Sequence Monitor Project window
Timeline Source window Storyboard Prop
Script Camera angle    

Monday & Tuesday- Our next project in this class will be a piece of film which will need to be 30 seconds to a minute after editing. You can work with a group or you can work as individuals in this endeavor. We'll discuss options in class, and if you have not yet shared an idea on this form, please do so today. Also, I need each of you to complete a storyboard, even if you are working with a group. Everyone should understand how storyboards are necessary. I won't ask for you to submit them until the next class.

Wednesday & Thursday- Today, I want to see your completed storyboards. If you are all fired up and ready to start filming during class time, please do so. I will help in whatever way I can. If you're not ready to film today, please consider working on some of the other items you will need in your film. You will have to create an image for your project, so you can open Photoshop or Illustrator and work on that. You will also need to include some external audio, so you can work on editing a song, locating an audio clip or creating a voiceover.

Friday- Today, you can either work on your graphics and audio or you can film content. If you have all of that finished, you can get right to the editing. Please save your clips to the flash drive attached to your computer so you can edit without lags or delays in playback.

Points Requirement
10 You have created an image or a logo in another software package, and you have used that image in your film
10 At least one title is included in the film
15 A song or voiceover is used in the advertisement
10 At least two transitions have been used in the film
10 The finished film is between 30 seconds and two minutes in length
20 The clips are cut together effectively, using different clips to create the overall advertisement, PSA or film trailer
20 The completed commercial or PSA or trailer is persuasive, making viewers want to either purchase the product, change their behavior or watch the film
5 The final file is exported in either the AVI or WMV format

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