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Fifth Six Weeks

Week 1 objectives
Learn elements of photo composition
Use Google applications to save and edit photos
Create website with Google sites

Week 1 vocabulary

Rule of thirds Diagonal lines S Curves Balance
Negative space Google site    

Monday & Tuesday- As we approach spring break, it may be the right time to talk about photography. We will be out of our regular classroom this week, and this is a good opportunity to take some photos. I want to start out with a TED talk about interesting photos. After that, I want to talk to you about

With that done, we will spend a little time in the courtyard next to the cafeteria taking photos using these photo composition basics. You may work with a partner or you can work alone, but you must have the ability to save your pictures from your phone into a Google drive. If you do not have Google drive on your phone, either download the app (it's free) or find a partner who has the app. You'll use Google Drive to get the pictures off of your phone and on to your computer.

I don't know how much we can get accomplished in class today, but we do need to do our eleven minute protocol before we leave the classroom, so be sure to take care of that.

Wednesday & Thursday- The second TED talk I have about photos is this one. After that, I want to see if you can use your photos as parts of a Google website. The ability to create a website is a critical workplace tool, and since we're without our Adobe apps this week, it seems like a good time to use the other things available to us. I want you to use Pixlr to make a few edits and corrections to your photos. If you are happy with how your photos work, try some of the options under the adjustment menu. I want at least one of the photos you put into the final website to be edited in Pixlr.

With that done, you can start to put together your Google sites. I will walk you through the process. Remember, you can work with a partner, but be sure you title the website appropriately with both names. If you don't do that, I will probably not remember to give both people a grade.

Friday- Today, I want you to take your photos and make a quick Google website. You should have a photo that demonstrates the rule of thirds, one that demonstrates diagonal lines and one that shows an S curve. Each photo should be edited in some way- a filter applied or a crop made, etc. in either Photoshop or Pixlr. I will grade these next week. Be sure your site has a name, three edited photos, a description of the photo principle in each one and a description of the edit or edits you made. This will be your first project grade of the fifth six weeks. If you finish that early, about half of you still need to complete the slide show of photos in animate that fade in and out.

You will be back in the regular classroom today, but you will have a substitute teacher. Please help one another and be good to the sub. I am out in the morning and headed out to a field trip in the afternoon. See you next week.

teks: 6ae, 8ab

Week 2 objectives
Submit completed Google site
Use inverse kinematics and the bone tool to create animated figures

Week 2 vocabulary

Inverse kinematics Bone tool Pose Tween

Monday & Tuesday- We have a lot to accomplish today in class. I want to start out with the eleven minute protocol. After that, let's submit the Google sites for grading. Next, I want to see any remaining Animate projects with the fading in-and-out effects, then we can move on to inverse kinematics with the bone tool.

Wednesday & Thursday- Your next assignment will be to create a dancing figure with several different parts using the bone tool. First, decide whose head you want to put on the body of your dancing figure, then take a photo of that individual into Photoshop and cut the background from the head. You will need to make sure the background is transparent and the crop around the edges is very tight. I will show you what I mean.

Friday- We'll work on our dancing figures in class today. Here is a lesson on how to cut out the head you will need for the dancing figure.

teks: 6ae, 8ab

Week 3 objectives
Submit completed Google site
Use inverse kinematics and the bone tool to create animated figures

Week 3 vocabulary

Inverse kinematics Bone tool Pose Tween
Publish Constrain Rotation Armature

Monday & Tuesday- Welcome back! Before spring break, we started working with the bone tool. I also asked you to cut out a picture of a head in order to place it as a symbol on a dancing body. Today, we can start on the lesson to make the dancing figure. Here is the file you will need to complete the work. The lesson is here, and your work will be graded against this rubric:

Points Requirement
10 The completed movie is 30 seconds long
20 An image of a head was cut out in Photoshop and saved with a transparent background, then imported to the file
10 All the symbols in the project were used (the arms, legs, hands, feet, etc.)
20 The film features a 30 second sound clip, cut in Audition and faded out at the end
10 The dancing figure appears in front of a background image
30 In addition to the first and last frames, the dancer takes at least six poses throughout the clip (5 points each)

We also have to get our eleven minute protocol accomplished today.

Wednesday & Thursday- Continue working on your dancing figures today in class. You should get them finished and ready for grading on Friday.

Friday- Show me the dancing figure in class today. Your work will be assessed according to the rubric provided earlier in the week.

teks: 6ae, 8ab

Week 4 objectives
Create Interactive document in Adobe Animate

Week 4 vocabulary

Interactive Linear Action script Instance name
Label Swap    

Monday & Tuesday- Today, we're going to get started on an interactive projects using Adobe Animate. I have a few things for you

Today, you should be able to get through the first part of the three film pieces, as well as the eleven minute protocol. Everyone except third period should do that today, hopefully for the last time.

Wednesday & Thursday- You should be working through the second film from this series today. If you have time, try to get to the third one.

Friday- Try to wrap up the interactive lesson this week. We will get to the gradebook next week.

teks: 6ae, 8ab

Week 5 objectives
Complete interactive document in Adobe Animate
Use Action Script 3.0 to create drag-and-drop functionality
Use onion skinning to animate a figure

Week 5 vocabulary

Interactive Linear Action script Instance name
Label Swap Onion skin  

Monday & Tuesday- If you didn't finish your interactive presentation last week, I would like to see it in class today. After you finish that, you can get right into the interactive puzzle with Action Script. The lesson for that puzzle is here. The script you will need is here. If it doesn't open correctly, try making sure it opens in Adobe Acrobat.

Wednesday & Thursday- Assuming you've finished your puzzle, I want to present you with two options. You can study for your six weeks test here, or you can try something I haven't done before. This lesson is one I have found from someone else, and it shows how to use onion skinning to animate a figure. It looks pretty straightforward, so we should be able to follow along.If you can show me something cool with onion skinning, I will give you extra credit, either on an assignment where you need the points or, if you have a 100 average, on the six weeks test.

Friday- I want to spend this day making sure we have everything caught up, as well as administering the six weeks test. We have a lot of EOC/STAAR testing next week, so we will have to do our test in here early in the week.

teks: 6ae, 8ab

Week 6 objectives
Complete missing assignments
Discuss the security of technology devices and platforms

Week 6 vocabulary

Interactive Linear Action script Instance name
Label Swap Onion skin  

Monday & Tuesday- Today, we will talk about the safety and security of our technology and our devices. Read this article and work in groups of up to four to answer the questions that follow.

Wednesday & Thursday- Wednesday, we will have a day to complete any make up work you need to turn in or retake the six weeks test. Thursday, we will not meet as a class; there is campus-wide testing Thursday.

Friday- I want to make sure we have everything caught up, as well as any make up testing we need to accomplish.

teks: 6ae, 8ab