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Fourth Six Weeks

Week 1 objectives
Understand the basic Audition interface
Record and edit original sounds in Audition

Week 1 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

Sample rate Bit depth Waveform Mix

Tuesday & Wednesday- It would be a good idea for us to develop an understanding of sample rate and bit depth. After that discussion, we will start on a project wherein you will record audio, then mix your recording with an existing sound. Your first task in this project will be to open a word processor and write out an answer to one of the four following questions:

  • Who is your hero, and why?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • If you were to explain Earth to an extraterrestrial visitor, what would you say?
  • If you could spend a day with one famous person (present or historical), who would it be, and what would you do?

You will need to write an answer of 100 words or more so you have a script of adequate length for your audio recording. Once your script is written, you will open Audition and use a microphone to record the words. We will work on editing the sound in Audition before getting to the business of mixing the sound with a song. That will take place next week.

Thursday-Based on your script, you will open Audition today and record your audio file. If you do not wish to make your recording with your own voice, you can partner with a classmate and record for each other. Once you have made your recording, mix the file with another sound file. I will demonstrate how to do this, and I will help you obtain the songs from the shared drive.

Friday- For A day students, we should spend today recording our audio. Students who recorded sound yesterday will edit that sound today.

teks: 6ae, 8ab

Week 2 objectives
Correct recorded audio in Adobe Audition
Export blended audio

Week 2 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

Sample rate Bit depth Waveform Mix
Noise print Reduce noise Multitrack mixdown Spectral Frequency Display

Tuesday & Wednesday- Today, I want to show you how to place your edited audio and your song into a multitrack file. You will use this view and its tools to blend the two files together. I will show you how to use the multitrack, how to adjust the levels, how to cut the song off so it doesn't last too long and how to fade the song out at the end. When you are finished, your work will be graded against the following rubric:

Points Requirement
10 Your script was at least 100 words, and provided an answer to one of the four questions
20 Your recorded voice file was corrected and free from errors
20 You mixed the voice with an appropriate song, making sure that both files were mixed at a proper volume
20 You cut the excess portion of the song off at the end of the file
20 You faded out the music at the end of the file
10 You saved the project as either a WAV or an MP3 file

Thursday & Friday- *We will work on these things next week. I'm just leaving them here for the time being...*Today, I want us to practice removing a sustained noise from a recorded audio file. I have a flawed file here that I have used in the past with SoundBooth, so please forgive me if I say the name of the wrong software application in the recording. I promise the skill is still the same! When you have the sound file just right, let me know, and I will grade your completed work.

Today, I want you to read this article about business etiquette. We have another interim assessment coming up, and this is the sort of information we will cover in the test. You will need to answer this question, and your work will be graded against this rubric.

While there is no guarantee we will achieve everything on the list early, I suspect we will. If we do have some time left, I want to show you how to move your very first object in Adobe Animate. If we can do it, great. If we can't get to it today, we will most certainly get to it next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

*UPDATE* I will be out today. Sorry- it's unavoidable. Please do this writing activity. It's in reference to an article about business etiquette, and I will, as always, grade it using this rubric. When you complete that, you have a few things to do:

  • If you did not finish your audio project where you mixed two files together, please do that today.
  • If you are all caught up, research some careers you could pursue with your new skills (and some of the ones you are about to learn). Please look into in the following fields:
    • Graphic designer
    • Sound engineer
    • Animator
    • Film editor
  • If that doesn't interest you, I watched a really interesting (to me, at least) TED talk about typefaces. Go watch it here.

teks: 6d, 10abcdef

Week 3

Students, I am sorry for taking so much time away from the classroom this week, but I can honestly say I wouldn't do a very good job, anyhow. I asked some of my friends to help develop assignments for you in my absence,and the assignments they said they would put in place for me are regarding the next interim assessment. Please do your best. I will grade everything upon my return. I do plan to return Monday the 29th. In the meantime, please be kind to your substitute and don't do anything goofy, foolish or mean. I will see you in a week.

Week 4 objectives
Create basic animation
Use layers in the Animate timeline to animate objects independently

Week 4 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

Frame Keyframe Tween Timeline
Canvas Publish Symbol Movie clip
Button Graphic    

Monday &Tuesday- I think we left off with just a few people submitting their audio projects, while everyone else was right on track. If you are one of those who did not turn in your blended audio file yet, we'll get to it. After that, we can get into the business of animating some things. I have to check and see how many of my classes were able to do a beginning piece of animation, and with that all figured out, we can get into a quick project using that skill. You will make an Animate document with at least two layers. My sample here has three. That scene will show a background with some sort of sports context on the layer at the bottom of the timeline. The second layer will have a ball that moves. Any other layers, though not necessary, can be placed according to your overall vision. Your goal is to create a sports scene. Your rubric is here:

Points Requirement
15 You created a sufficient background image on the stage of your Animate document (in the bottom layer of the timeline)
15 You locked the layer containing the background of the animation
15 Your ball is on a different layer from the background of the animation
15 Your ball has been converted to a symbol and save in the library
15 You have applied a classic tween to the ball so that it moves against the background
15 Your background and your ball are present in the timeline for the same number of frames (same amount of time)
10 You have published the animation in addition to saving the file in its native format

Wednesday & Thursday- I suspect that many of you will be wrapping up your sports-themed animation today during class. Let me know when it's done so I can grade it. After that, I want to talk to you about the three different types of symbols in Animate. Following that, we will make a button, a movie clip and a graphic, just to see how they work.

Friday- Let's keep it a little light- I want to start out by showing you how to make a shape tween. Next, I want to show you a motion guide. These are both pretty fun lessons, and I will give you a class work grade for them.

teks: 6d, 10abcdef, 11abc

Week 5 objectives
Animate movie clip and button symbols in their own timelines
Gather resources for next project
Complete interim assessment

Week 5 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

Frame Keyframe Tween Timeline
Canvas Publish Symbol Movie clip
Button Graphic Button states  

Monday &Tuesday- During class today, I want to take time to administer the interim assessment. You can log in here to take complete the assessment. Once we have completed that, I want to show you all how to make the different states of the button symbol. When that is complete, you will have time to gather resources and make selections for your next project.

Wednesday & Thursday- We will start the day by animating a bicycle. The frame of the bike will be a graphic that travels across the stage. That bike will have spinning tires and a moving pedal that are both movie clips. When that is complete, we can start work on our major project. I will take you through the first parts of this project.

Friday- We'll continue putting the pieces in place for our major project today. This project will take some time, but when we're done, your work will be graded against this rubric:

Points Requirement
5 The stage for your movie is 640 X 480 pixels and set to play at 12 frames per second
5 The initial text tweens in both movement and color
5 The secondary text has alpha changes with tweens
10 The bouncing ball graphic completes an effective shape tween to another graphic
10 The music is appropriate and has been cut to a 30 second selection, faded at the end
50 Five photos are used in the project, and those photos are timed and tweened according to the instructions
10 You have written a piece of action script to stop the movie from looping
5 The file is saved as FLA and exported as SWF and HTML

teks: 6d, 10abcdef, 11abc

Week 6 objectives
Use Animate to create a multi-layered linear film
Add a shape tween and an audio layer to a linear film

Week 5 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

Tween Free transform Shape tween  

Monday- Today will be a C day, and anyone who is enrolled in English 1 or 2 will be testing. Everyone who stays in the classroom today will have the opportunity to complete this lesson where we create an effect that looks like handwriting happening on the screen.You will take your six weeks test next week, so if you finish the lesson early, take the opportunity to study these vocabulary terms for that test.

Tuesday & Wednesday- Let's start out with a quick lesson using one of the many special effects in Animate. We'll use a masking effect to create a cool animation. I also want to show you how to make an image fade in and out on your stage. After that, we will make further progress in our thirty second movies. We will follow these lessons during class, and when we stop for the day, you should take the opportunity to study these terms for your six weeks test.

Thursday & Friday- I want us to start out with a cute lesson that will animate what looks like a bouncing object with a shadow. After that, we should be getting close to the finish line on our movies in class today. Make sure you have a song picked out by now, and take that song into Audition. You will need to cut it to 30 seconds, fade it out at the end and place it on its own layer. When we finish everything, you will need to publish your work and show it to me for a grade. Remember, your work will be assessed based on the rubric posted last week. In addition, please review your study material if you have a few spare moments. Additionally, I want you all to answer a question before we leave the classroom today.

teks: 6d, 10abcdef, 11abc

Week 7 objectives
Complete 30 second linear animated film
Complete assessment of material from 4th grading period

Week 7 vocabulary objectives- Students will learn to define and understand the following terms:

All vocabulary from 4th 6 weeks will be assessed

Tuesday & Wednesday- Today, you'll have a little bit of time at the beginning of class to study for your six weeks test, after which, we will complete the assessment. When that is finished, I want to do two things: I want to get caught up on anything that is missing from anyone who has an outstanding assignment, and I want to work toward wrapping up our 30 second movies. If you still need a song, please let me know. We need to knock that out today.

Thursday & Friday- We will finish the 30 second movies in class today, and everyone's work will be graded against the rubric we posted way back in week 5. Please be ready to play back your published file for me during class today. Thanks!

teks: 6d, 10abcdef, 11abc