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First Six Weeks

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Week 1 objectives
Develop respect agreements
Make predictions about course work
Practice school wide norms

Week 1 vocabulary

Respect Digital media Acceptable use policy Digital citizenship
Copyright law Public domain Fair use  

Monday & Tuesday- Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. You've enrolled in Digital Media, and it is a full year course. Before we begin, we need to establish a few things. First, we will discuss how we will treat one another and the physical space in this classroom. Other teachers and other classes are doing this, as well, developing what are called respect agreements. If you've never seen one before, take a look at some images on Google. We need to talk about what respect looks like when we show respect for one another and for our classroom. Once we have discussed that, we can decide what our respect agreement will look like. Provide your input here. Once I have responses from everyone in all classes, we'll look at the most frequently used responses.

After that, we will take a look at the class itself, discussing what we will learn and how we will do it. In light of that, it may be best to start with a quick survey about what you already know. Once we talk briefly about what this class may entail, we can look at the syllabus. You will take home a link to this information so your parent or guardian can complete the contact form for a grade.

As I am unsure how long all of our introductory information will take, I am posting here what we will do next, though it may need to take place during our next class meeting. The first major topic we will discuss in this class is copyright law. Because we use lots of other people's creative work in the development of our own, we need to be familiar with laws about how to legally use these resources. A few key concepts necessary for our legal and ethical use of material are those of public domain and fair use. In addition to that information, this list shows how fair use applies to you in a classroom.

Wednesday & Thursday- First, I want to finalize your input for our classroom respect agreement. Vote here for the things you find most important. Next, we will talk about how copyright works from a practical angle. After that we need to take some time today to review what we know so far. If you are struggling to recall information about copyright law, try working through some of the questions on this page. Don't worry- it's more of a self-assessment. It's not a graded quiz. We'll finish up with a bit of discussion about what we've learned this week. We should all be able to log in at this point, too. Fingers crossed...

I have a quick recap for everyone before you leave. Go to this page and answer some questions for a daily grade. It's okay to collaborate with your peers on this!

To expand on what we have learned about copyright law, here are some good instructional videos:

We also need to start working on our first project. Today, we will start working on creating a flyer. Here are some ideas about what makes for an effective flyer. What I want you to do is build a flyer that would inspire a student to join or support a school group, club, team or organization. If you are having trouble thinking of one, the WT White page has a wonderful list of things under the activities tab. Today, we will look at flyers and talk about different things you would include on an effective one.

Remember, your audience will be students, and your work will be scored against this rubric:

Points Requirement
20 Flyer is persuasive to entice students to join or participate in the selected group, club or team
15 Fonts work well together
15 Colors are chosen to complement one another
10 Text fits properly in the allocated area, Text wraps or other such effects have been applied where necessary
10 At least two graphics have been inserted into the flyer
10 File is saved in PDF format
10 Turned in on time
10 No grammatical errors

Friday- Today, we are going to start working on our first creative project. In order to create a good flyer, we should talk about what makes a flyer effective. You'll be promoting something school related in your flyer, and in order to do the best job you can, you'll need to tell people what it is you'd like them to do. Also, share your project idea here. You want them to attend something or participate in an activity. Where do they go? What will they do? We'll start our design process today, working in Microsoft Publisher. I want to see the completed project next time we meet, if possible, exported as a PDF and saved.

teks: 1a, 4de

Week 2 objectives
Learn about principles of design, typography and color choice
Complete desktop publishing project
Begin working with Photoshop

Week 2 vocabulary

Design principles Contrast Repetition Alignment
Proximity Typography Serif Layers
Levels Selection tools Lasso Magic wand
Marquee Crop    

Monday & Tuesday- Happy second week of school, everyone. Today, I would like to start off the class with our first foray into the eleven minute protocol writing assignment. The idea is to spend six minutes reading something, three minutes writing about it, and two minutes discussing it. The way I want to handle this is to have you find and read an article about some advance in technology. Please find an article that appeals to you on one of these sites: CNN Tech news, Fox news tech or Huffington Post tech.

There will be six minutes allotted to read the article. After you read an article, you will have three minutes to write about what you read. Following that, you get two minutes to discuss the information you learned. This is the form we will use for our eleven minute protocol each A and B day. It is my hope to grade this work based on your participation in the activity. This means that you need to read and write in the allotted times in order to receive full credit. I will be paying attention. Since this is an all new activity this year, there are no real established procedures for this assignment. I hope to give one class work/homework grade each week for participation in this activity.

When we finish that, I want to take a moment and talk about font choice and typography. Here's a quick activity I developed a while back to help make sense of font selection. Let's do the activity. After that, we can open Publisher and start to make our flyers. I want to show everyone how to save and place images and make an effective flyer. Remember, your work will be scored against the rubric posted last week. When you finish the flyer, you will need to save it as a PDF file. We will discuss why this is important, and when you complete that, we can be sure it's saved to your personal folder.

Wednesday & Thursday- Once again, we need to get into our eleven minute protocol. These are the three sites I recommended last time (CNN Tech news, Fox news tech or Huffington Post tech), and this is the same form. After that, I feel like most of you should be able to submit your flyer for a grade. Hopefully, you have made some good choices about fonts and such, but since we have all created one design product, I want to see how we did with color and design principles. It is important to learn about design principles in order for us to be successful in this class. They are commonly referred to as CRAP, which stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. Here are some examples of design principles from the world of desktop publishing. Proper color usage is vital, as well. Take a look at this color wheel and click it to see what colors work well together in terms of proper design. This presentation is one of my favorites about color and why certain colors invoke certain feelings.

If we have any time left at the end of the class period, we may move ahead and take an initial look at Photoshop. Time permitting, I want to start you out by talking about how the interface is set up and what function layers have in a photo.

Friday- Hopefully, we have opened Photoshop and determined how layers work. The next thing we need to learn about is how to adjust levels using this photo. Following that, we can jump right in to a bit of practice with selection tools. In order to work with selection tools, you will need to save a copy of this picture of different foods.

teks: 5efg

Week 3 objectives
Use photo editing tools in Photoshop to correct flaws in images
Use selection tools in Photoshop to change images

Week 3 vocabulary

Serif Selection tools Levels Layers
Magic wand Marquee Lasso Crop
Brush Properties    

Tuesday- Greetings, and I hope you all enjoyed the extra day off. I wanted to start out today with our eleven minute protocol. Click on that site to access all of the information you need to do the work. After that, and because your peers in A day classes have less time in this room this week, I want to see if we can get into the new lessons that come standard with Photoshop. I haven't had a chance to explore them, myself, as I do not have my own copy of this application at home. I have seen a little bit of what they intend to teach, though, and I really like what they have had available so far. They are the lessons in the upper right hand corner of the interface.

Wednesday & Thursday- Today, we need to start with the eleven minute protocol. After that, I want to get to the lesson I use to teach selection tools. In order to complete that lesson, you will need this photo. Be sure to open it in Photoshop, either by saving it and selecting open or by copying and pasting it.

Friday- Today, I want to see about doing some general photo retouching. There is a pretty good lesson here that I wrote myself. In order to complete it we need a photo. Use this image of a woman who needs some Photoshop help.

teks: 5efg

Week 4 objectives
Use Photoshop retouching tools to repair a photo
Use Photoshop's quick mask feature to combine two photos

Week 4 vocabulary

Clone stamp Color replacement Paste into Dodge tool
Sponge tool Burn tool Magnetic lasso Quick mask
Shadow Composite photo    

Monday & Tuesday- Welcome to week four. We have gotten into the habit of starting out with the eleven minute protocol. I put all the information you need on a new page, and I think it will help to have it all together. Here is the page for the eleven minute protocol.

When we wrap that up, we can start working on another photo retouching lesson. This is an older one, and certainly, not one that I wrote myself, but the skills we need are pretty clearly spelled out. I will walk you through this, as some of the skills in this lesson are not as critical as others. You will need the following:

I'll be taking a project grade when we wrap this up, so stick with the class, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Wednesday & Thursday- Remember, we are starting all of our A and B days with the eleven minute protocol. After that, I want you to work on making a composite photo with the help of Photoshop's quick mask tool. Here is what you need:

This will be a project grade, as well. Show me the flower and the fern when you are done. After that, I want to talk to you all about your travel plans. You will be creating a photo album of your trip around the world, and Photoshop will help you get to your destination. I'll show you some examples before we brainstorm a little bit. If there is any time in class today, we can start to save photos for use in our next project.

Friday- No eleven minute protocol today. For today, we will get a jump start on our next project. You will take photos of yourself and place your image into five new places. Today, I want to set up a camera or two in the hallway and let you all take the photos you will need to complete the project. When you have taken what you need, I will put them in the student share folder. I will remind you how to find that. Please copy your own images to your folder from there and start to work on your composite images. You will need to have a total of five photos of yourself on a world tour.
A few pointers-

  • It's much easier to add yourself to a picture than to take someone else out, so find photos without many people in them.
  • Your photos will be easier to cut out if you stand in front of a solid color background that is a different color from your clothes and skin
  • Do not stand in front of a window when taking your photos. That makes for a bad photo in the first place, and it makes your job harder.
  • Make sure you take or use a different photo for each of the finished images.

When working with peers to take photos, make sure you don't accidentally "cut off" the top of someone's head or some other critical body part. Before you start, you should always know how you will be expected to finish. Here is the way your work will be graded next week:

Points Requirement
4 for each photo Quality, high resolution source photos were selected, including unique self portraits every time
4 for each photo Elements of the combined images were sized appropriately
4 for each photo Composite images are realistic and properly edited
4 for each photo Each image has been saved as both e PSD and a JPG file
4 for each photo Excess background has been removed from self-portraits

teks: 1i, 3b, 4a, 5aef

Week 5 objectives
Use Photoshop's quick mask feature to combine two photos

Week 5 vocabulary

Clone stamp Color replacement Paste into Dodge tool
Sponge tool Burn tool Magnetic lasso Quick mask
Shadow Composite photo    

Monday & Tuesday- Please start the day with the eleven minute protocol. After that, we will have some cameras set up for you to take your photos. Remember, you have to use five unique images of yourself and five unique images of places you want to visit. The rubric for this assignment is above, listed in week four. Work on putting the images together and getting all of the excess background removed. Try to adjust colors and create shadows where necessary. When you finish, save the photos both in the native format for Photoshop, PSD, and as a simpler, more universal file type. In this case, we will be using JPG.

Wednesday & Thursday- Begin with the eleven minute protocol again today. After that, please try to wrap up your photo editing today in class. After all the JPG files have been created and saved, I want to show you how to post them to a website you can create on your own.

Friday- Before you leave class today, we will have our five photos completed and saved in both file formats, then uploaded to a website. This semester, we will have an online portfolio.

teks: 6abcd

Week 6 objectives
Use Photoshop's quick mask feature to combine two photos
Prepare for six weeks test
Complete six weeks test

Week 6 vocabulary

Clone stamp Color replacement Paste into Dodge tool
Sponge tool Burn tool Magnetic lasso Quick mask
Shadow Composite photo    

Monday & Tuesday- This week, we have a few things to accomplish. First of all, we will begin the class period today with the eleven minute protocol. After that, those of you who are not yet finished with the five photo project can work on that during class. I need the final grades in my gradebook by the close of class on Friday, and I would like to get the majority of them assessed today. When you complete that work, you should take the opportunity to study for your six weeks test. That study material is here. You will see that your study material features 25 vocabulary terms. The test will feature 25 questions. We will administer the test next time.

Wednesday & Thursday- We will begin today with the eleven minute protocol as we typically do on A and B days. After that, I will give you some time to review for your test. When that time is up, I will talk to you about how to log into the site I use for testing. You will have 25 multiple choice questions to answer, and you will be able to see your grades immediately after you submit the answers. If you like your grade, congratulations. It will go in the gradebook. If you're not happy with it, we will do a make up session on Friday before school. Let me know so you can get a hall pass to come up before school.

Friday- Today during class, I need to do a few things. If anyone missed the test in class time this week, I want those individuals to take the test today. It will be at this site. If you have not shown me your five photos, I would like to see those today. If you're all caught up, but your grade has some room to improve, I will offer extra credit. For that, you can try to add yourself to a celebrity photo. I will explain the parameters of that during class.

teks: 6abcd