The Dallas ISD Grading Policy for high school classes is as follows:

Task Percentage of the six week grade
Class work & Homework 40%
Tests 25%
Projects/products 20%
Six Weeks Test 15%

The grade for each semester will be a combination of the six week grades and a semester test. This year, That test will be a teacher-made exam. The exam grade will count for 15% of your semester grade, leaving each six week score to count for 28.3%. Both semester grades will be averaged for your final grade.

Due to the fact that this is a non-traditional class, the following categories will be fulfilled with these specific types of assignments:

If you are not present for a day of class, you will not receive that day's class participation grade; it will be marked as missing in the gradebook, which averages in as a zero. In this event, you should take home and complete a make up assignment and submit that assignment for a make up grade. If your absence is due to a field trip or another school related activity, you must inform me of this so I can make the necessary corrections in my grade book. There are far too many activities in an academic year for me to track the individual school trips and athletic events of each student.

As per District policy, you will be given two days following any absence to make up a missed grade. Late work will also be accepted.

Tutoring times will be posted as the need arises, but I am generally in my classroom before school every day with the exception of days when I am required in a meeting.

If you need help with your work outside of regular hours, contact me personally or via email at